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One of 104,000, apparently

There’s an ongoing debate among people who write about autism between those who favor person-first terminology (“person with autism,” “has autism”) and those who favor identity-first terminology (“autistic person,” “is autistic”). Generally, parents of children with autism prefer the former, … Continue reading

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From the Sanguinary Files, Part Three: The Anecdata of Pain

The post you’ve all been waiting for. I apologize for the delay; this has been “in the works” for months now, but life and distraction and general bloggy-incompetence get in the way. Note: As with all Sanguinary Files posts, may … Continue reading

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I Accept

There’s a growing discussion, within the autistic self-advocacy community, about the difference between “autism awareness” and autism acceptance. Awareness, especially as promoted by major organizations such as Autism Speaks or the National Autism Association, is usually degrading, stigmatizing, and rooted … Continue reading

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Asking for it

Note: Disturbing post which references rape and abuse. This article percolated in my mind a bit, to somewhat disturbing results.    Because of my perseverating nature, I easily linked the topic to my views on the social constructions of mental … Continue reading

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