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Virtuous Strength

Strong Is The New Skinny, And That’s Not Necessarily A Good Thing—go read this. I read it this morning, and it helped trigger some clarity for the loose thoughts about health and “health” culture (and its inevitable overlap with disability) … Continue reading

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Inspired by this useful and thoughtful post. I have no problem whatsoever with the choice to grow or raise one’s own food. I think it’s a valid, even admirable choice, and I firmly oppose laws or ordinances that unduly infringe … Continue reading

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Why Parents of Children with “Medical Autism” Should Support Neurodiversity and the Anti-Cure Movement

Autism acceptance has been slowly gaining a bit of ground in the popular discourse (although one wouldn’t know it from the Congressional autism hearings, nor the coverage of the DSM revisions). We’ve gone from a movement that can be dismissed … Continue reading

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Good luck with that.

Top search for this blog is “how to child with autism to compromise.”

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Why the “Compromise” isn’t

In January of 2007, after years of spreading the notion that vaccines cause autism, David Kirby publicly retracted his stance in his article, published on the Huffington Post, “There Is No Autism Epidemic.” This was supposed to be the final … Continue reading

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