Autistic People Are

Autistic people are people.

Humans. Human beings. Persons. Individuals. Members of the species homo sapiens. Mankind.

If all Xs are Ys, anything that is true of all Ys must be true of all Xs.

If all autistic people are people, then any true statement about “people,” “humans,” “mankind” must be true of autistic people. If it is not, the statement ceases to be a true statement.

True statements concerning the category “people” which includes the subcategory “autistic people”: People think and feel and know. People are conscious. People are sentient. People have bodies. People have minds. People have souls. People desire. People make choices. People feel pleasure and pain and confusion and excitement and wonder and ecstasy. People make mistakes. People disagree with other people. People have subjective perspectives. People have experiences. The soul uses the mind to use the body to interpret a miniscule fragment of the world.

Autistic people are autistic.

“Autistic” refers to a specific subcategory of the category “people.” The boundaries of this subcategory can be somewhat ambiguous, but the defining features lie in the structures of the brain. Autistic people are born autistic. Autistic people remain autistic throughout their lives. Autistic people remain autistic regardless of what life experiences or accomplishments they encounter or achieve.

Autistic infants are autistic. Autistic children are autistic. Autistic teens are autistic. Autistic seniors are autistic. Autistic men are autistic. Autistic women are autistic. Autistic transgendered, genderqueer, or intersexed people are autistic. Autistic people who can’t read are autistic. Autistic people with graduate degrees are autistic. Autistic people in prison are autistic. Autistic people working at diners are autistic. Autistic bankers are autistic. Autistic computer programmers are autistic. Unemployed autistic people are autistic. Married autistic people are autistic. Single autistic people are autistic. Honest autistic people are autistic. Dishonest autistic people are autistic. Homeless autistic people are autistic. Autistic volunteers at homeless shelters are autistic. Autistic people with other disabilities are autistic. Autistic people without other disabilities are autistic. Diagnosed autistic people are autistic. Undiagnosed autistic people are autistic. Autistic people who are proud of being autistic are autistic. Autistic people who don’t know that they’re autistic, don’t see themselves as autistic, or vehemently deny being autistic are autistic.

Autistic people are people. Autistic people are autistic. Autistic people are.

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